Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden

Eden means “pleasure, delight”.

God planted a garden east in Eden including every tree pleasing to sight and good for food. God also planted two particular trees in the garden: the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. A river went out of Eden to water the Garden and then divided into four rivers including the Tigris and Euphrates.

God placed Adam in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. When God created the woman from Adam, God brought her to Adam in the garden of Eden.

God gave instructions to Adam to freely eat from every tree of the garden except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The penalty for disobedience was death – spiritual death and physical death.

After Adam and Eve sinned they felt immediate separation from God. As part of God’s judgment and mercy to keep them from eating from the Tree of Life, God sent them eastward out from the Garden of Eden, and He placed cherubim and flaming sword east of Eden to guard the way of the tree of life.

Key verses: Genesis 2:8-17; 3:22-24

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