Aaron was the older brother of Moses.

Aaron was in the lineage of Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Levi. He was recognized by God to be articulate, and God called Aaron to be the public voice and assistant to Moses. Aaron served during Moses’ confrontations with the Egyptian Pharaoh.

After the Exodus, Aaron became the temporary leader of the Israelites while Moses received the Law on Mount Sinai. While leader, He made the golden calf idol that was worshipped by Israel in Moses’ absence. He later supported Moses during battle. God used Aaron’s staff to symbolize His power before Pharaoh and the Israelites. Despite Aaron’s recorded failures, God commanded Moses to consecrate Aaron as the first High Priest of the nations priesthood.

Aaron became first of the Levitical priesthood (of the tribe of Levi) which continued through his male descendants. God spoke to Aaron both through Moses and directly instructing and commanding him to fulfill every detail of ceremonial and ritual worship in Israel.

Ultimately, God did not allow Aaron to enter the Promised Land of Canaan, because he had joined Moses in sinning at Meribah.

Key verses: Exodus 4:14-16; 28:1 Leviticus 8 and 9 Numbers 17; 18:7 Hebrews 5:11

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